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Heart Failure Education Materials

The HFSA has produced educational materials to help promote awareness and educate patients, individuals at risk as well as family members about heart failure. These materials represent the collective expertise and best practices by the members of the HFSA for heart failure.

Clinics, hospitals, institutions or individuals that wish to order these educational materials may do so by filling out an order form. All of these materials may be either downloaded and/or viewed on line to help you determine which materials are most appropriate for you.

Heart Failure Quick Tips & Topics for Patients

The Heart Failure Society of America has created these quick tips and topics on issues affecting patients, f amilies and loved ones affected by heart failure.

Educational Modules on Heart Failure

The HFSA is producing and publishing a series of modules to help patients, their loved ones and individuals at risk work better with their doctor or nurse. These modules are not intended to replace regular medical care.

Heart Failure Practice Guidelines

These guidelines are intended for professionals who provide care for patients with heart failure.

Heart Failure Awareness Materials
  • What You Should Know About Heart Failure
    A video for patients with heart failure designed to help patients and their families understand the disease and treatment options.

  • What You Should Know About Heart Failure: America's Silent Epidemic
    This brochure lists the causes, symptoms, risk factors and information about living with the disease.

  • Who Is the Patient with Heart Failure
    This card lists the symptoms and risk factors for heart failure (FACES card).

  • Educational Slides on Heart Failure
    A series of slides explaining heart failure and heart failure treatment.

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