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Beta-Blockers: Management Tips and Common Side Effects

Beta-blockers can have some side effects. They can make you:

  • Feel tired or dizzy. This can happen most often when you first start taking this pill or when your dose is increased. You will probably start on a low dose of a beta-blocker. The dose should be increased until you are taking the right one for you.

Sometimes, it may take a while before people feel better after they start taking a beta-blocker. They may even feel worse for a few weeks. Eventually, most people feel better than before they started taking a beta-blocker. But, if you feel dizzy, see your doctor or nurse, so they can be sure you are on the right beta-blocker dose.

  • Have more fluid build up in your body. Be sure to tell your doctor or nurse if you have symptoms of fluid build-up. Keep track of your weight and symptoms. Let your doctor or nurse know if they change. Your doctor can adjust your medications to take care of this problem before it becomes too severe.
  • Wheeze or have more shortness of breath. Most of the time, this happens in people with a history of asthma. If you wheeze or get short of breath, tell your doctor or nurse right away.

Beta-blockers can also cause:

  • Low blood pressure. Ask how often you should have your blood pressure checked.
  • A slow heart rate. Ask how often you should have your heart rate checked.

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