Heart Failure Medicines
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General Information about Taking Heart Failure Medicines

Most people with heart failure require several medicines for the best results. It is common for your doctor or nurse to increase the dose of these medicines even if you feel better after starting them. That is because most heart failure medicines work best at certain doses. Their purpose is not only to make you feel better, in the short run, but also to treat the underlying disease and improve your health, in the long run. Therefore, it is important to take all of your medicines at the prescribed doses even if you are feeling better.

If you are taking all of your medicines and feel worse, be sure to tell your doctor or nurse. You may be feeling worse because of heart failure or another illness. You may also be experiencing side effects from your medicines. All medicines can have side effects. The side effects can be mild and hardly noticeable, or they can be bothersome. If you think your pills are causing side effects, tell your doctor or nurse about your symptoms. They will work with you to manage your symptoms and make you feel better. For example, some of your medicines may decrease your blood pressure and make you feel dizzy. Staggering the times you take of some of your medicines can decrease this problem.

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