Following Your Heart Failure Treatment Plan
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Introduction - Self-care: Following Your Heart Failure Treatment Plan and Dealing with Your Symptoms

It is possible to lead a normal active life, even if you have heart failure. Taking control of heart failure is key to your success. You can take control by following the treatment plan prescribed for you. Your care is not just the responsibility of your doctor or nurse. In fact, the success of your treatment plan depends on your active involvement.

This module will help you learn to live successfully with heart failure. It will provide information on:

  • Why it is important to follow your treatment plan.
  • Tips for following your doctor or nurse's advice.
  • Assessing your heart failure symptoms.
It will help you:
  • Follow your treatment plan more closely and with less trouble.
  • Monitor and attend to your symptoms.
  • Learn when you should seek immediate help for your symptoms.

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