Exercise and Activity with Heart Failure
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Introduction - Exercise and Activity with Heart Failure

One of most important ways that people with heart failure can maintain their sense of well-being is to keep active. In the past people with heart failure were advised to rest and give up many of their usual activities. But recent research has shown that activity including exercise, work, and sex is healthy and safe for most people with heart failure. Activity can help you feel better, may decrease your symptoms, and may improve your heart's function. By keeping active, you may be able to do more of the things that you enjoy.

Even if you have never been active and are not very confident about your physical ability, you can take steps to become more active. However, be sure to talk to your doctor or nurse before starting an exercise program or increasing your activity level.

This module provides information on:
  • The benefits of activity.
  • Starting and maintaining an activity or regular exercise program.
  • How to conserve energy while doing everyday activities.
  • Going back to work.
  • Sexual activity and heart failure.
It will help you:
  • Build up your activity level.
  • Do more around the house.
  • Make an informed choice about employment.
  • Stay sexually active.

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