Exercise and Activity with Heart Failure
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Other Tips and Guidelines for Activity

As you build regular activity into your life, consider the following:
  • Get walking shoes that fit comfortably and have good support.

  • Wait one hour after a light meal to exercise. Do not exercise on either an empty or a full stomach.

  • Avoid activities or exercising outdoors when it is colder than 40°F or warmer than 80°F or on high smog days.

  • Always warm up and cool down with stretching and slow walking.

  • Do any activity at a slow and steady pace.

  • Do not hold your breath when walking, exercising, or doing any kind of physical activity.

  • Exercise or do your selected activity at the time of day when you feel most energetic. For most heart failure patients that is the morning.

  • The day after you are more active, you may feel more tired than usual. Although this is common, make sure you talk to your doctor or nurse if this tiredness lasts longer than a day.

  • Consider being active with a partner. Studies have shown that people stick to their activity program and enjoy it more when they have a partner.

  • Make sure that you can carry on a conversation while you are doing any activity. If you can not carry on a conversation, you are exercising too hard and need to slow down.

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