Lifestyle Changes with Heart Failure
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Introduction - Lifestyle Changes: Managing Other Chronic Conditions

Heart Failure is a chronic medical condition, that is, one that usually requires life-long treatment. Many people with heart failure also have other chronic medical conditions. Other chronic medical conditions may require that you take medicines or make lifestyle changes in addition to taking the medicines prescribed as part of your heart failure treatment plan. To help your doctors and nurses better manage your care, be sure to tell them about all of your chronic medical conditions including any medicines you are taking to treat these other conditions. Trying to manage several medical conditions at the same time may be confusing.

This module will provide information on:

  • Other chronic medical conditions commonly experienced by people with heart failure.

  • The impact of these other chronic medical conditions on heart failure and its treatment.

  • Lifestyle changes that may be required to manage your overall health when dealing with more than one chronic medical condition.

It will help you:

  • Understand how some common chronic medical conditions can impact your heart failure treatment plan.

  • Learn about the medicines and lifestyle changes used to treat these other chronic medical conditions.

  • Learn how to better manage all of your chronic medical conditions including heart failure.

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