Common Symptoms of Heart Failure

Heart failure can be difficult to diagnose because symptoms may be subtle and are often mistaken for normal signs of aging.

Please note that these symptoms are common and may represent other diseases. If you experience any of these symptoms or face any of these risk factors, please consult your physician.

Symptoms that may signify heart failure are:

  • Breathing Difficulties

    • Shortness of breath from walking stairs or simple activities (dyspnea)
    • Trouble breathing when resting or lying down
    • Waking up breathless at night (paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea)
    • Needing more than two pillows to sleep (orthopnea)
  • Fatigue/Exercise Intolerance

    • Tiring Easily
    • Swelling of feet, ankles or legs (edema)
    • General feeling of fatigue
  • Coughing

    • Frequent coughing
    • Coughing that produces a mucus or pink, blood-tinged sputum
    • Dry, hacking cough when lying flat in bed

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