2001 Heart Failure Awareness
Spokesperson - Linda Evans

"Would you know the signs of heart failure?

In the United States alone, nearly five million people suffer from this disease. In fact, it's the only cardiovascular disease on the rise. But heart failure doesn't have to be a death sentence. If caught early, it can be controlled, and even improved.

I'm Linda Evans. My grandmother died of heart failure. Had she known the signs and symptoms, she might have prolonged her life. Please, I encourage you to learn these important warning signs.

Do you have a hard time catching your breath after mild activity or while sleeping? Do your ankles and feet often swell? Or do you usually feel tired and weak? If so, heart failure may be a very real possibility.

If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, are severely overweight or have already had a heart attack, you may be at risk.

To learn more, talk with your doctor. Or to receive educational materials about heart failure, contact the Heart Failure Society of America at 1-877-510-HFSA OR visit www.abouthf.org."

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