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What's New Here on Heart Failure

For Medical Professionals

Educational Heart Failure Symptoms FACES Card
(Revised April 2014)

Module 2: How to Follow a Low-Sodium Diet
(Revised 2013)

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has released its 2014 Stay Healthy consumer brochures. (6/02/14)

Updated Heart Failure Awareness Turnkey Kit for 2014
Heart Failure Awareness Events (1/18/14)

Updated Heart Failue Patient Education Video
"Living with Heart Failure - A Guide for Patients" (1/07/14)

Updated Heart Failure Awareness Turnkey Kit for 2013
Heart Failure Awareness Events (1/07/13)

HFSA Career Center
A Job Board for Specialists in Heart Failure. Visit the Career Center to learn more about the openings below.

The 2010 Heart Failure Society of America Comprehensive Heart Failure Practice Guideline Now Online (Updated 2011)

Content Additions on Heart Failure

Heart Failure - Quick Tips and Topics for Patients

The HFSA has created these quick tips and topics on issues affecting patients, families and loved ones affected by heart failure. (09/07/09)

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